Blog | Sustainability

18 September 2018

This month, we are reminded of our environmental responsibilities thanks to events designed to raise awareness of, and boost sustainable efforts, including International Day For The Preservation Of The Ozone Layer (16 Sept) and Recycle Week (24 – 30 Sept), which is now in its 15th year.

Plastic waste has hit the headlines this year since being highlighted on the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and the subsequent unveiling of the government’s 25-year environmental plan. This has motivated people to care about plastics – and recycling – in a way they never have before. This brings a great opportunity to change people’s recycling behaviours, and to highlight that it is not only plastic, glass or cardboard that can be re-used.

In fact, all sorts of materials and substances are suitable for ‘recycling’ – even food! Did you know that UK supermarkets throw away at least 115,000 tonnes of perfectly good food every year?[1] I recently spent some time with our management trainee colleagues, and as part of the programme, we assisted a vegan and vegetarian catering company, which only uses ingredients that would otherwise be destined for waste.

This company deliberately chooses end-date items to create meals. The fact that they are vegan/vegetarian increases their sustainability rating too, since animal food production has a much larger impact on the environment. Essentially, this innovative company is using ‘food waste’ to deliver tasty meals – a win/win situation! I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner – even more so, knowing that it had had minimal impact on the planet.

Of course, I am not suggesting that we all become vegan! However this company is a great example of how we can use resources that would otherwise be destined for waste, and make them work for us sustainably.

Here at Facilicom, we are always looking to reduce the amount of materials and the volume of chemicals used. In addition, responsible service providers must consider the often unseen consequence of a cleaning operation – the damage caused to the environment through carbon emissions generated through cleaning activities. We are proud of our unique and revolutionary carbon neutral cleaning system, C2Zero, which ensures our activities across all clients’ sites are carbon neutral.

Jan Hein Hemke.
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland