Keeping IM Group safe and secure

10 April 2020

The IM Group is a multifaceted industrial group, operating in various different markets, including automotive and property. Founded in the Midlands in 1976, it has grown into an internationally renowned powerhouse.

Its Subaru and Isuzu vehicle importation, preparation and distribution business is based at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey, on a site covering 20 acres of land. Trigion Security Services has been working with the firm for over four years, providing a fully integrated manned and electronic security service.

The challenge

IM Group is the sole importer and distributor of both Subaru and Isuzu cars in the UK. In addition to storing up to six thousand vehicles at peak times, the Queenborough site has a constant stream of both in-bound and out-bound vehicle shipments throughout the day.

There are also office and vehicle inspection, maintenance and customisation facilities on-site, which provide the wide-range services required by their sales and distribution network.

The entire site is surrounded by a very considerable fenced perimeter with two sides facing open land. Being close to the sea, the site often suffers from the incursion of mist and fog, particularly in the winter months. This means there is a need for greatly increased vigilance and specialist detection systems to keep the site secure during these times.

The requirements

Trigion first met with IM Group around four years ago, when the firm approached the security specialist to discuss the provision of a fully integrated manned and electronic security service, incorporating both on and off-site CCTV and alarm monitoring services.

The diverse range of on-site activities, together with the location, meant that it required a great deal of thought, discussion and understanding before Trigion was in a position to make recommendations. Following an in-depth review and risk assessment, Trigion/recommended the multi-layered approach to security that protects the site today.

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The solution

systems may be, good security always needs to start with a properly controlled and physically secure perimeter, backed up by an effective and even level of site illumination.

With this in place, Trigion was able to develop a very effective detection and viewing system, covering the perimeter and all key internal areas. The system is made up of a combination of fixed colour cameras and pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, which are able to automatically identify, zoom-in, and track a suspected intruder.

These were combined with a number of highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are particularly effective during times of inclement weather, when conventional cameras tend to struggle. This equipment is permanently monitored both on and off site, enabling Trigion to keep its security officers fully informed of any incident, the moment it arises.

Total access control at the perimeter, incorporating barriers, road blockers and a manned presence completes the picture, with all incomings and outgoings to and from the site being permanently monitored and recorded.

The benefit of having effective on-site detection systems, combined with a manned presence, was proved during a recent incident. When a small fire broke out in one of the vehicle preparation shops, Trigion’s security officer was on-hand to extinguish the fire before it became a major incident, and work was able to carry on as usual the next day.

The design of the security system also makes it a very useful tool in assisting with the day-to-day health and safety of both IM’s staff and our security officers, whist they go about their business on the site. With both live viewing and incident recording, the system is invaluable in providing corroborative evidence in the event of an accident involving either staff or vehicles during the working day

Nearly four years on, Trigion continues to have an excellent working relationship with IM Group. During a recent interview with Trigion’s UK Director, Paul Grist, IM Group’s logistics General Manger, Dean Faulkner, confirmed that if he was starting the selection process today, he would definitely choose Trigion as his security partner.

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