Blog | Awards can be an inspiration

22 September 2017

I have recently been told I’m on the shortlist for the ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year’ category at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2017. Those of you who know me, will probably guess that this makes me both immensely proud, but also rather embarrassed. I had hoped if I kept quiet it might all go away.

Of course, it’s nice to be recognised as doing something right, and I’d like to thank my colleagues who put the entry together – led by Jeroen van der Brugge – but more importantly I’d like to thank all my colleagues, our customers and suppliers, without whom I wouldn’t be in this position. Everyone at Facilicom works hard and finds solutions which inspires me to be a better leader.

I’m not one for the spotlight and the success of Facilicom UK is down to far more people than me. If I was to win, it would certainly be thanks to the team around me.

A rewarding experience

Despite my reservations about being nominated personally, I do think industry awards are important as they reward best practice and promote innovation. It’s always great to be recognised as a winner by your peers, and there are many benefits, even if you don’t take home the coveted trophy. The element of competition, for instance, can help the industry as a whole to improve and thrive.

All too often we still hear the phrase ‘just cleaning’ or ‘just a cleaner’. Awards like these stimulate and encourage further professionalism and will help make this dismissive attitude a thing of the past.

The European Cleaning and Hygiene awards are a unique opportunity to engage and network with pan-European colleagues from across the industry. This is the second consecutive year Facilicom has been represented at the awards and we are proud to be associated with them as we are committed to quality and excellence in our dealing with customers and colleagues.

Jan Hein Hemke, MD Facilicom