Trigion offers streamlined, lower capital expenditure, 24/7 security solution

10 May 2017

trigion, 24/7

Making the decision between electronic security, manned guarding or a combination of the two has just been made easier thanks to a new streamlined solution introduced by security specialists, Trigion.

The company has always offered a technology plus people approach as it feels the combination usually satisfies its clients’ needs most successfully. However, until now they have operated as two services and been managed and invoiced separately.

Cutting CapEx costs

Recognising that investing in security equipment means high capital expenditure at the outset, Trigion’s new offering combines a technical and manned security solution that spreads the cost over the length of the contract. This means clients benefit from immediate savings from the commencement of the integrated security contract.

Unlike standard security contracts which are based on manned guarding hourly rates and equipment costs, the single solution price means that the overall costs are reduced. In one case Trigion estimates it has saved a client over £2m over two years, while still providing 24/7 security coverage.

Neil Ricketts, Technical Services Director at Trigion, explained: “While some companies opt to only supply one form of security, we’ve always felt it is best to be able to offer our clients a more joined-up approach, matching the levels of technical security and manned guarding according to their needs.

“The next logical step was to integrate them so that clients really are getting an ‘all in one’ solution, that can protect their premises 24/7, and which they pay less for, with lower upfront costs.”