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Year 2018
18 Sep18 September

Blog | Sustainability

This month, we are reminded of our environmental responsibilities thanks to events designed to raise awareness of, and boost sustainable efforts, including International Day For The Preservation Of...

27 Apr27 April

Blog | The best of intentions, but...

Facilicom UK, like all businesses employing over 250 people, has recently had to publish gender pay gap reports. Ours are on the Facilicom and Trigion websites for those who are interested. While I...

17 Apr17 April

Blog | Something old, something new

Generally, when discussing security in blog posts or articles, we’ll focus on the high-tech solutions we develop for our clients or the high-quality manned guarding service we provide to them. Ho...

20 Mar20 March

Pledging our support to a sustainable society

The Facilicom UK view of sustainability is that the term covers more than just the environmental aspect most often associated with it. We think being ‘green’ is vital, as demonstrated by our C2...

4 Jan 4 January

Securing The Hive

Trigion provides varied security at first joint public and university library in Europe.

Year 2017
19 Oct19 October

Blog | Remember, remember the 5th of November

The original rhyme ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ commemorates, of course, the 1605 plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This year though we’re hoping the date will mark the st...

22 Sep22 September

Facilicom UK MD shortlisted for prestigious award

Facilicom UK is delighted that its managing director, Jan-Hein Hemke has been shortlisted in the Inspirational Leader of the Year category at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2017; the firs...

22 Sep22 September

Blog | Awards can be an inspiration

I have recently been told I’m on the shortlist for the ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year’ category at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2017. Those of you who know me, will probably gu...

9 Aug 9 August

Significant growth for security firm Trigion

Trigion Security’s combined service offer of manned guarding and electronic security is proving popular with customers across different industries, and across the country, as the company announce...

2 Aug 2 August

Keeping Cleaners Safe and Reputations Secure

Cleaning operatives often work unsociable hours and on their own. This places them in potential physical danger and at risk of false accusations if something untoward happens during their shift. Ne...

31 Jul31 July

Trigion helps launch Crimestoppers’ campaign

Trigion was on hand to share its security expertise and technology solutions at the launch of the Crimestoppers charity's summer campaign at a conference at Leeds Castle in July. Trigion’s expert...

15 May15 May
mental health awareness week

Blog | It’s good to talk

It is Mental Health Awareness Week this week (8-14 May); an important time in promoting a better understanding of how people can be affected by mental illness. It is an issue that is becoming more ...

25 Apr25 April

Electronic security on the up at Trigion UK

Following a period of investment in its commercial department and supporting structure, Trigion’s has reported a largely stable turnover for the past fiscal year as it gears up for accelerated gr...

24 Apr24 April

Trigion deal with Domino UK is no game

Trigion UK has secured a new contract to provide security services to Domino UK – the Cambridge-based industrial equipment supplier – thanks in part to the cleaning services provided by Trigion...